Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Merchandising Miscommunication

First of all, let me make one thing very clear - I LOVE Tinkerbell. She's just awesome, it's true. However, while I don't mind the merchandising done at her expense, I'm a tad confused at some of the phrases I see in conjunction with her. On many a shirt, necklace, or poster, Tinkerbell appears in a cute, flirty pose alongside the phrase "Perfect Pixie". I have music box that has a smiling Tink next to the words "Fairy Spell". Yesterday I saw a steering wheel cover with her on it that proclaimed something to the effect of "Fearless flirt".... Seriously, Disney... What is that mess? Did anybody ever even see the movie? The reason Tinkerbell is so awesome is because she's a complete harpy; the very definition of a woman scorned (like which fury Hell hath no.) So what, may I ask, is the deal with all the cutesy phrases and poses she keeps showing up with?

Anyway, I decided I'd make a few of my own that more accurately reflect the delightful nastiness that made Tinkerbell famous in the first place:

And... I guess by the end of the movie:

Anyhoo, I know I already picked on Peter Pan, but this is different. Also, I'm not basing these off of those new Pixie Hollow movies where Tinkerbell is a sweet lovely individual, because they're totally not canon, and the reason we all love Tink is because she's a shrew.


Beth said...

*applause* I am pleased. :D

The Erin said...

Oh good XD I was thinking about that and it was bothering me cause Tinkerbell was NEVER a perfect pixie by any definition.

Steph-a-Neph said...

Amen. She was an absolute HORROR in Peter Pan...I understand why you identify with her Erin, because you like to think that YOU are effectually the same way.
*Note: You are not. Sorry. :D

The Erin said...

Yeah, I totally am... but I appreciate the sentiment.