Friday, March 19, 2010

On-Campus snoozing

So, I've noticed that whenever I'm on campus headed to class or something, there are people sleeping EVERYWHERE. Most of the benches are occupied by somebody sprawled out in a dead sleep. I was going to take a picture as proof, but then I felt creepy so I didn't.
I really don't understand these people. Not that I don't understand how they're feeling - I too am a college student, and have felt the pains of sleep-deprivation - but... I guess I just don't trust anybody enough to sleep in public like that. This is based mostly on the fact that whenever I see these people, I get an uncanny urge to doodle on their faces or hide their backpacks or something - no idea why, I just do. Of course, this means that if anybody else's brain works in the same way that mine does, then it is DEFINITELY not safe to sleep on campus, which is why I don't do it.
Maybe this just makes me a paranoid weirdo, but my mistrust of other people is usually founded in things I find myself wanting to do to others in any given situation. Just something to think about.
Trust no one.


Jessica Grosland said...

I sleep on campus all the time. I usually sleep with my head on my backpack and the strap of my purse wrapped around my thigh so no one is tempted to steal my things (or so I'll wake up if they do) and I've never had a problem. Usually, at that point, I'm too exhausted to care anymore.

Also, I've taken lots of pictures of people sleeping on campus.

Laurel and David Lowe said...

I've TOTALLY slept everywhere on campus. One of my favorite is the women's bathroom on the 4th floor the the library. Trust me. Lots of couches.

Funny story. You'll enjoy this. One time, I was napping outside of the JKHB on the lawn and suddenly I woke up to the sound of an alarm clock ringing. I looked up and there was a random guy sitting close-ish to me and another guy filming my reaction. they had placed that alarm clock by me to see what I'd do (I suppose). I wonder how many poor, tired students they did that to. I'd also like to see how it turned out.

Geneen said...