Friday, March 12, 2010

One of these things is not like the other

I was thinking today about the Seven Dwarves. The Disney ones. These guys:

Anyway, of the seven, all have adjectives for names except for one: Doc. Why is he so special? I mean, I know he's the leader, but why should that exempt him from being an adjective? He never really exhibits any attributes that qualify him as a "Doc" anyway. Why not call him "Bossy?" or perhaps "Stuttery?" ... "Blandy?"... I guess "Straight-character-that-acts-as-a-comic-foil-for-the-other-six-distinct-personality-archetyped-characters-but-has-no-real-distinction-of-which-to-speak-y" doesn't really roll off the tongue... At any rate, I'm just curious as to how Doc got off without a descriptive name... I mean, I guess it could be indicative of intelligence, cause I suppose he is the "smartest" of the lot, but still... It's kind of like having seven daughters and naming them Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Temperance, Justice, and Helga. Doesn't quite fit in with your theme there.
At any rate, I don't think it's fair for poor Doc to be left out of the circle just because he doesn't really have a definitive character trait besides apparently being the leader and stuttering. Personally, I think somebody over at Disney drew a dwarf, then got distracted and forgot about the character so they had to make it up on the spot at the board meeting, I would have loved to be in on that.
Boss Man: It looks like you've all put a lot of thought into developing these characters as you were assigned to. I'm very impressed. Now, it looks like we've got one more, Randy, what do you have for us?
Randy: Oo-er... Well, I've got this dwarf that I drew...
Boss Man: Good, good. Nice design, how about you tell us a bit about him..
Randy: Well...uh... He's the-- leader...and let's say his name is... uh... Doc! His name is Doc cause he's... smart, I guess...
Boss Man: Randy, did you do any work on this?
Randy: ...No, Sir, I just drew the picture.
Boss Man: Randy, you're a failure, go sit in the corner. Well, gents, we don't have time to create a new one before starting production, and since Randy managed to screw this up as usual, we'll just have to make do with what we've got. Send these to animation.
Underling: But, Sir, all the other dwarfs have adjectives for names, couldn't we--
Boss Man: Dash it all, man! I'm too rich and important to think about this! His name is Doc and if you don't like it, take it up with Randy!

That sounds about right...
Back to the point.
Disney, if you're going to have some deviation from a pattern like that, you have to explain, otherwise you confuse your audience... Perhaps not as children but when they're young adults and have too much time on their hands to wonder about stupid things.
Some consideration might be nice.


Doug said...

Maybe Randy should have been the dwarfs name. That would have made for a very interesting plot twist.

Doug said...

Also I often wondered why the other six dwarfs were bearded while Dopey was clean shaven.

The Erin said...

I wondered that too. the Disney website gives me some crap about him being younger than the others, so I guess I'll buy it for now.

Jessica Grosland said...

What was it you said last post? That you were going to get a life?

It's alright. None of us really believed you at the time anyway.

Geneen said...

"Randy" is an adjective.... :) I think that's what Doug meant by an interesting plot twist.

The Erin said...

Yeah, I dunno if Disney would go for that... Then again, I've been noticing all of their horrible, badly concealed messages lately... My childhood is ruined.

The Erin said...

Also, Grosland, I said nothing of the sort. I NEVER said I'd get a life... I just said I'd get back to writing my normal REALLY stupid things.

Anonymous said...

Ha. So true.

I found your blog via facebook. It rocks, thanks for bringing some creativeness into my life :)