Thursday, March 11, 2010

But they don't even come from grapes!

Hey there readers.
Here I am, once again, to sing my praises to something weird before I go off and try to do my homework.
I hope you are all aware of how awesome Grape Nuts are. Like seriously, it's like the best cereal ever, and it has absolutely no reason to be. No, really... There is NO reason for Grape Nuts to be good, they're just a sludgy mass of rock solid clumps of some sort of grain, and yet, there you have it. And they're healthy too! Take THAT, Coco Puffs!
Perhaps I'm the only one who actually likes it, but if that's the case then more for me I suppose. Heck if it's like eating a bowl of gravel, it's still awesome. No matter what happens, this bewildering concoction will always be my favorite cereal.

Anyway, sorry about that, readers. I should be done writing about stupid things and go back to writing REALLY stupid things in no time, don't you worry your pretty little heads.
Now it's time to try and be productive. Joy.

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