Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What have we created??!?

Time and again, science has proven itself to be a means through which man gains hold of powers beyond his understanding or control. This has shown time and again with things like the atomic bomb, cloning, breast implants, and World of Warcraft. Of course, these are all extreme cases, but there are many more such things in our grasps that hold power beyond our comprehension. Let me take a detour for a moment and talk about another of man's inventions: The wheel. Over time, variations of this invention have emerged, providing man with steadily advancing forms of transportation until finally came the birth of the modern automobile. Currently, each of these automobiles come with a list of standard safety features that must be included before they can be released to the general public; among these is the ubiquitous car horn. Now, its purpose is clear; alert the other drivers that whatever they are doing is a bad idea in order to prevent an accident. However, most people do not quite understand the magnitude of this invention. Much like The Force or the Sorcerer's Stone, the horn can be a source of unspeakable evil and destructive power if placed in the wrong hands. Every driver on the road has, at their fingertips, the power to annoy everyone else on the road to the point of insanity with a simple motion.What's more is that, should you chose to exercise this power, nobody can do anything about it. Sure, they can shout at you, flip you off, and mentally curse you into oblivion, but anything they could possibly do that might actually deter you would get them arrested or cause damage to their own precious Camero. Furthermore, as a male, you can use it to offend every woman you happen to drive by on any given excursion. You could also wake up an entire city block, harass pedestrians in the mall parking lot, or ruin the whole day of your fellow rush hour drivers. Even more worrisome is this: like the one ring, the horn is a corrupting presence, so even if you have no intent to use it for evil, the idea of wielding such great power will continue to eat at you until one day, when the guy in front of you is going 25 in a 50 Mph zone, the temptation will overpower you, and then you will be lost.
In fact, I think the main problems in society today do not, as everyone seems to believe, stem from the bad parenting, video games, or the stress of a failing economy, but instead from car horns. Once one has felt the thrill of being an arse on the road, it becomes like a drug and carries to other areas of their life, where it continuously increases in frequency and magnitude. Slowly but surely, we are left with a whole society of jerks of varying intensity, from which arises criminal activity, poor manners, and long lines at the DMV.

There you have it. There are some things that man would do better to just leave alone.
Case-in-point; you invent the car horn, you ruin society.
Thanks a heap, science.

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Mrs. Darcy said...

Erin, i love you! You're fabulous! haha!