Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jack Frost nipping at your patience

In the occupational world, there a few jobs that exist specifically so that people can target other people; this stems from humanity's curious tendency to either distrust or despise each other. You want to have somebody followed, hire a Private Investigator. Somebody's hopping bail, rope in a bounty hunter. Need somebody rubbed out, get a hitman. Now, because this is the case, what if there were a profession in which somebody was hired to target a person for the purpose of annoying them and wasting their time? If such a job existed, I think that Jack Frost would be an excellent candidate.
Now, I admit I have lead a sheltered life; I have never really had to deal with car frost prior to this year, and so I never really had a problem with it. However, now that I have no garage, I must (on the days I actually HAVE a car, at least) leave it out in the parking lot where it will, without fail, form a thick layer of frost. This is where Jack Frost has proven himself to be a PROFESSIONAL WASTER OF MY TIME, because I cannot tell you how many mornings I have left in plenty of time to get to class, and then still been late because I was scraping frost off my car windshield so I wouldn't die. And you know what? I still can't see a blasted thing. Frost is definitely trying to do me in as well... Needless to say I now have a nemesis.

Also, a side note, while professional time wasters are the bane of my existence, I admit that it IS nothing less than my greatest desire to be professionally creepy, a fact which I have stated many a time to various acquaintences. There is a difference, for those who might point out my hypocrisy: I just want to be paid for weirding people out, not pissing them off. Nobody ever was late for a meeting because somebody was standing too close to them in the elevator and breathing loudly. Nyeah!

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