Thursday, December 24, 2009

A cup of Christmas shame

I consider myself to be very good at quite a few things. Of course, my proficiency in so many things,( when added to the fact that I'm already really really ridiculously good-looking,) tends to make my head a bit swollen. Fortunately, Christmas is a time where everyone is provided with the tools needed to better themselves, and so, every year, I a receive a big ol' dose of Christmas humility. This is particularly due to the fact that I suck at Christmas. Not even kidding; anything that has to do with dressing things up to be festive (such as decorating, frosting cookies, or wrapping presents,) I am hopelessly bad at. Now, I consider myself to be pretty artistically minded; able to make things look good, but not at Christmas. What makes this all the worse is that everyone else is really good at all that stuff. If any group effort is made to do something Christmassy, you can always tell which things I did because they look like they were done by a chimp with Palsy. I really wish I had a picture of the presents I wrapped next to the others around the tree, but alas, my camera is at my apartment, but I assure you, it is quite comical. My wrapping skills are now a running gag in my family, and when they are combined with my already abysmal handwriting, it is quite a sight to behold.

Anyway, thank you, Christmas, for keeping me humble, just maybe in the future let me retain SOME Of my dignity. I'd appreciate it.

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