Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fresh Styles

Today I am very excited.
Thanks to my chiropractor, I am now the proud owner of the SILLIEST SHOES IN THE WORLD.
Check out these fresh kicks:

Aww yeah. Style and class! All the sophistication of wearing toe socks with flip flops, except for with a velcro strap!

These stylish puppies are treaded just like a regular shoe so that they can be worn anywhere. It's just like bare feet, except for they have a slightly smaller chance of getting you refused service at the gas station.

And of course, the sassy toe slots are great for those who aren't afraid to be just a little too sexy.
Perfect for everybody who has ever looked at a pair of tennis shoes and said "Yeah, they're pretty good, but they would be even better if they formed around each individual toe."
Bold, daring, and seductive, these shoes are sure to turn some heads.

...They're also comfortable as all heck, so... yeah...

Thanks Dr. Brady!

(Also, I lied. They're only the second silliest. If I had gotten them in the stunning neon pink/orange color then they would have been the top)


misssrobin said...

I must admit, I'm speechless.

Enjoy your new . . . shoes?

Meg said...

Now you can be an alien or a tree frog! Or and alien tree frog!

Seriously, I am so jealous. I've wanted a pair those shoes for a while now (although I'd probably go black). I have no idea why I haven't bought a pair yet.

Meg said...

That "and" on the second line was meant to be "an."

The Erin said...

My mom wanted me to get black but I said to her "at this point, trying to make these shoes look dignified by getting them in black will make them even sillier."

Mrs. Darcy said...

Devin said...

So, in the winter when it's really cold do you wear foot mittens on top of your foot gloves?

The Erin said...

No, but those need to be invented immediately.

Anonymous said...

You could even make them with the fingers cut out. To match the gloves you usually wear on your hands. ;) Oh, and LOVE the shoes, dahlin. *hand flip*