Thursday, July 7, 2011

Probably More "Ad" than "Sense"

Some of you may have noticed that, in my recent endeavors to monetize my blog, I briefly used Google Adsense to place ads on my blog. Very briefly. Reason for this being that I got fired.
It went a little something like this:
After that I went crawling back to the Adsense admins and gave a groveling apology and begged them to reinstate my account because I was not actively trying to screw them over and was, instead, just an oblivious moron with very supportive friends and family who may or may not have actually read the terms of service. They flatly refused.

Suffices to say that Adsense and I are not speaking.

Thanks for the support anyway, you guys. I really do appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Problem, Adsense? Trollface approves +10

Meg said...

Wait, they fired you for overclickage? And that was covered in the terms of agreement that NO ONE EVER READS? (Seriously, Google and Apple are going to have to fight over my soul, my first five children, and the half my kingdom that I've signed away to both of them.)

I love your cartoons, by the by. They make me happy.

WV: degemei

The Erin said...

I don't actually know if it was even in the terms of use. I did skim it later, and I don't recall seeing anything.

D Cerveny said...

It was probably in the .5 font between the the other lines.

Racher said...

You are a cutie. I'm obsessed with the cartoon and very sorry for the way you were stripped of your dignity and earnings.