Friday, July 15, 2011

Lazy post is lazy....

There is nothing about this picture that is inaccurate. Except the couch. My couch is actually plaid. 
Oh man, you guys.... my brain... I don't even know...

A few things: 
1)Yes, I DID put on Hogwarts robes and stay up until 4 AM in the name of Harry Potter, despite being a grown woman who should know better and who had to work in the morning.
2) Yes, I actually wore Hufflepuff colors. Proudly. 
3) I totally spent most of the movie sobbing outright.
4) I thought to escape actual effort with this post... I've been at it for an hour now because I can't type coherent sentences. 

That is all. Real posts might happen soon...ish... maybe.


misssrobin said...

Wow! That cartoon totally looks just like you. Well done.

I hope you get some sleep. And that you don't get assassinated.

The Erin said...

Too late for the assassination thing. My mark hunted me down... even though I don't think that's technically allowed. I just kinda knelt down and took it cause now that everybody is cheating, it's no fun anymore.