Tuesday, March 15, 2011


An obnoxious person once said "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." In fact, they've probably said it to you at least once this week, and will again in the near future. Nevertheless if you break it down, it's a good bit of advice -- just try to make the best of life's problems -- good words to live by... Keeping that in mind.... What do you do when life gives you a LOT of lemons? Like... thirty five of them? Cause that's exactly what happened to my family this week:

There are more in the fridge.

So anyway, my mom brings home this bag of lemons that somebody left behind in their room at the manor that my family runs kinda like a hotel (people sometimes leave food in their apartment fridge, and if it isn't tainted or something, my mom brings it home so it wont go to waste.) Upon arriving at my house, this bag of lemons raised a burning question in the minds of all who live here, and that question was "What in BLAZES are we going to do with them?"

Now, if we go back to the old saying, we can find a seemingly logical answer to this question: "Make lemonade." This would be a great solution, but unfortunately, my family doesn't eat sugar. Once you take that into account, the ratio of options to lemons starts looking quite disproportionate.

So here we are with about five thousand lemons and no way to use them, which wouldn't be quite so distressing if we could figure out WHY on Earth the guy who bought them needed so many in the first place. I can not think of a single reason why one person would need to buy out the entire supermarket's supply of lemons. Well... I can think of a lot of reasons, but most of them are stupid, and all the others are insane.
I think that this is a mystery that may never be solved, and it will eventually drive me mad...

Until then, we will be drinking a lot of iced lemon water around here.


misssrobin said...

Iced lemon water is exactly what I was thinking.

Or you could open a Diet Coke stand (like a lemonade stand) and sell glasses of Diet Coke WITH a great big giant lemon wedge in each.

I'm sure if you ask Beth she'll find some recipes that need lemon.

Okay, I figured it out. Get five nice looking baskets and some ribbon and create some beautiful gift baskets for a few friends. Let them figure it out, just don't saddle them with the whole bunch.

You could even give some to Jess. Then I could have some iced lemon water, too.

Meg said...

But the cats on the moon told him to buy them!

Also, when life gives you thirty lemons (or five thousand, whichever) and you don't eat sugar yourself, make lemonade and sell it for profit.

WV: untipp (the opposite of tipping someone off?)