Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Unrelated News:

I bought a car this week.
My sister-in-law was all like "Wanna buy a car?" and I was like "Kay."
And so, car.

This was probably the most nonchalant major purchase I've ever made.


Laurel and David Lowe said...

Yahoo! Car.

P.S. my word verification is dises. I wish is was disses. Still fun.

Meg said...

What're you going to name it?

In unrelated commentry, my word verification is sinved. I kinda wish it was snived. Or snivved.

The Erin said...

I'm gonna name it Wynne after a character from Dragon Age: Origins... cause I'm just a dork like that.

Those are both awesome verifications! I need to start writing these down and deciding what they mean.

Meg said...

Yes, I have thought that as well. Also, I think I might start using them for character names. And I named my car Alsvid after a horse in Norse mythology. I might have you beat for dorkiness.

WV: oundom. That is just fantastic.

P.S. And I forgot to type the WV into the actual box, so now it's lypel.

Anonymous said...

Doh! I love it. :D Wynne is an excellent name for a white car that reminds me a bit of a shady-cool granny. OF course I haven't actually seen her yet... but she can be friends with my white old car too, right??? Your word verification is a noun. "Coutcroc" which I imagine is pronounced "Coo-Crok" with much German gutteral work with the end.

Your second word verification (because I actually forgot to type in the first one) is, literally, "undis". I figure it's close enough to "undies" to be awesome. :)

Jessica Grosland said...

Wow! That's awesome and strangely adult-like of you, Erin!

But then you gave it a dorky video-game name, effectively canceling out any responsible-adult vibes. So I guess things are back to normal around here. ;)

The Erin said...

Says the woman who named her computer Nosferatu.... Then again, mine is named Zevran, so that may be worse... again.

What can I say? I'm all about keeping the universe in balance.

Devin said...

Kids, kids, kids! These are inanimate objects! We do not need to name inanimate objects. Especially after video game characters.
Now if you'll excuse me, Frogger needs an oil change.
Erin's father
P.S. WV "aniscupp" -Eeeeuw! Sounds like some kind of disgusting medical device you have to use after an embarrassing operation.