Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An open letter to my writing muse

Dear Muse,
It's me, Erin. I'm just writing to say that whatever it is that I did to offend you, I am deeply sorry. I'm going to take the path of least dignity and get down on my knees to beg you to come back to me. I'm serious, I've got nothing! I need you to forgive me and come back so that I can accomplish something that isn't for a class and doesn't make me want to die. My readers are counting on both of us; I can't do it alone.
I'm sorry. I need you. Come back to me.
Most sincerely,


Meg said...

P.S. Hey, Erin's Muse, this is Meg. My muse went out for donuts or something and I think she got lost. So if you see her wandering around, point her my way, will you? Many thanks.

P.P.S. If she isn't lost and is simply getting ready to sue me for neglect, please convey my sincerest apologies and promises to dote on her and cater to her every whim and wait on her hand and foot.

the Awesome, Mental, and Crazy said...

Hey this is Jordan Asay and her friends blog and I beg tht muse to come back. I hate it when they ditch us.