Friday, January 22, 2010

Pocket Contents

I have a coat. I have had this coat for several years. Every time I receive something important or find something kinda cool when I'm wearing this coat, it goes in my pocket and never comes out. That said, here are the contents of my coat pocket:

My keys
A pair of furry gloves that look like they could be sentient beings
A foot cut from a pair of tights
A receipt for Jamba Juice
An metal ankh (Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol)
A twig from a pine tree that a boy gave me at play practice in ninth grade
A wrapper from the candy my parents gave out for Halloween
A turkey voucher
A script of a scene from 'The Importance of Being Ernest'
A receipt from Macey's
A post-it note with door codes for computer labs
A small (unopened) sample pouch of lotion
A bandit mask
A small, grey plastic brontosaurus

That is all.
I shall now put it all back in my pockets. Thank you for your time.


MisssRobin said...

Wow. If only you had a live frog you could be a five-year old boy.

The Erin said...

Oh, you have NO idea how much I wish I had a live frog in my pocket! :D