Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Terribly Festive - Follow Up

So hey. You guys.

You remember last time? When I mentioned that my sister had been talking about a song that contains the lyric "we shared a Christmas hug"? And how I totally thought that she was making it up? Well, we found it. And it is the best thing I have ever encountered.

A little background:

Apparently Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, when he's not doing his regular job, has a dream, and that dream is to be some manner of inspirational lyricist. So he, seemingly realizing he had the power to make this dream a reality, got in contact with sappy sentimental songwriter, Janice Kapp Perry. The two of them teamed up to make a Christmas album, and from that album emerged their collaborative opus, "The Christmas Hug". And now I am here to share that with all of you.

The Christmas Hug
Words by Orrin G. Hatch
Music by Janice Kapp Perry
Vocal by Gene Morford

We saw her through the window
Of her humble little home
The street was bright with Christmas lights
But she was all alone
She’s lived here in the neighborhood
For twenty years or more
But no one cared or no one dared
To knock upon her door

She opened up the door to us
And welcomed us inside
And though she smiled bravely
We saw tears were in her eyes
Her family was so far away
And could not come this year
The thing she needed most of all
Was suddenly quite clear 
     We shared a Christmas hug
     We shared some Christmas love
     And felt the tender ache of loneliness depart
     We shared a Christmas hug
     We finally cared enough
     To feel the miracle of Christmas
     In our hearts

We held our simple Christmas gift
In ribbons green and red
But saw there was a greater need
And offered it instead
Our little girl ran to her arms
And hugged her tenderly
She said “there could not ever be
A sweeter gift for me” 
Repeat Chorus 
Christmas comes and Christmas goes
Doors will open, doors will close
So many Christmas mem’ries we hold dear
But the best of all the best
Always stands out from the rest
It’s one we will remember through the years 
Repeat Chorus 
A simple hug brought Christmas
To our hearts

I will not mar this glorious moment by saying much else. But, Senator Hatch, I think you'd better keep your day job.

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Doug said...

According to Wikipedia, Orin has made over $10,000 as an LDS recording artist. His songs have been played for Presidents and in movies.