Monday, February 7, 2011

The Back Row

No, I did not neglect my blog again for several months. Shut up.
... And now for something completely different:

I sit in the back row at school. It's what I do. Not because I'm a slacker; I can just see better and it makes me more comfortable. Also, I'm a slacker. Anyway, because I occupy this space so frequently, it's given me cause to observe the behavior of my classmates in regards to the back row.

In the beginning of the semester, I'm able to slink to the back of the classroom unhindered whilst my peers all crowd the desks toward the front row, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as peers are wont to be (the free-range peer is most commonly identified by these characteristics, as any experienced peer-watcher will know,) leaving several empty desks between me and my nearest classmate. However, as the semester progresses my fellow students begin to slowly creep toward the back of the classroom until the entire class is flattened against the back wall like a pack of frightened rabbits. At that point it becomes a battle for the back row; survival of the fittest, as it were.

I am currently writing this from the second-to-last row. I dropped my guard and am now paying for it. I don't mind it really; it's not as though they're usurpers, they're just frightened and have nowhere else to turn. I've had the opportunity to observe this migration time and time again, and it's become something of a source of amusement to me, particularly because I'm almost invariably the only one with the foresight to start out in the back. It's an interesting social observation -- I can literally track the mental state of my classmates as they move toward the back, right on down to the precise moment when their souls collapse under the pressure.

Classmates are so adorable. I love school sometimes.

... I sat in the back before it was cool.


Doug said...

I always sit in the front row, not because I'm an eager beaver, rather I like to stretch out my legs and kind of lean back a little.

Tripping professors is an added bonus.

Jessica Grosland said...

I like to sit just a bit beyond halfway back, next to the wall. I don't like to be surrounded by classmates; it makes me uncomfortable and I like to lean back against the wall. And I try not to sit in the back because professors KNOW that the vulnerable ones are back there and they LIKE picking on them. My goal is to appear interested, but busy taking notes like a good little girl.

Of COURSE I'm not doodling! Just like Flay didn't neglect her blog for months!

misssrobin said...

I think they just saw how cool you are and wanted to imitate you. You should be flattered.