Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tiiiiiimmeee is Heeeeeeerrreeee!

Happiness and cheer.
Fun for all
that children call

their favorite time of year.
-A Charlie Brown Christmas

This most wonderful season of Christmas brings about some of my favorite things in the world to experience, and it all begins when the decorations first come out and the tree goes up. The process of pulling everything out of the boxes in the basement and making the entire house sparkle with all of my favorite decorations from my childhood makes my heart burst with so much happiness that I hardly know how to express it. It is at times like these when I do the Snoopy dance.

Let us all take a moment to remember Snoopy. The little spotted dog who never said a word (in the animated show at least) but still said so much, particularly with his characteristic dance:

This dance is nothing less than the most simple and joyful expression of pure elation that can possibly be portrayed by a mortal creature. Nobody can say that their world doesn't become a little brighter for just a minute at the sight of Snoopy dancing gleefully on Schroeder's piano during the Christmas special. The pose in the center of the bottom row is my particular favorite; THAT, my friends, is pure, unadulterated joy. Just try it: Stick your hands up in the air, tilt your head back, smile, and skip rhythmically, and just try to tell me that it doesn't make you feel good. Or, if you're already feeling good and don't know how to express it, this is the perfect dance.

In any case, during this amazing season, we should all take a few minutes to pay tribute to Snoopy: Turn on the Peanuts Christmas Album, take a few minutes, and
Do the Snoopy Dance!

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